Are You Destined To Inspire The World?


Sadly, most people (incorrectly) believe their personal journeys and life experiences are not worth sharing with others.

Put your journey to the test — take this short, personalized assessment to determine how valuable your personal experiences truly are.

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You are more inspiring than you think.

Sadly, most people take for granted how valuable their life experiences truly are. And here’s why...

Take driving for example. By now, assuming you’ve been driving for many years, getting behind the wheel of a car is really no big deal.

Now, imagine this is your first time driving and you’re trying to figure everything out on your own without the guidance of an instructor or paid expert. You’re about to pull out into traffic and have no idea how to use a blinker. Scary thought, right?

When you look at it from the first-time driver’s perspective, you can see how valuable the advice from a highly experienced driver can be... even if that person is just a family friend or average Joe.

Whether it’s driving a car, losing weight, or giving relationship advice, the moment you recognize your true value and how inspiring you really are, the possibilities are endless.

If you’ve experienced any of the following, then there’s a strong chance that people around the world desperately need your help and advice:

  • Personal hardship?
  • Financial distress?
  • Loss of family?
  • Spiritual awakening?
  • Weight/Health transformation?
  • Relationship issues?
  • Built or grown a business?
  • Midlife or career change?

The more you’ve experienced above, the greater the chance you’re in a position to help someone else in need. Put YOUR journey to the test — click START QUIZ below to see if your personal experiences are worth sharing with the world.

Are Your Experiences Worth Sharing?

Are you male or female?


What is your age? (Your age will help determine how likely you can help others)


Emotional support is the first step to recognizing your value, especially for a in their . How often do people confide in you?


How often do people seek your advice? (Personally or professionally)


Attitude is everything... In your opinion, the glass is...


A personality tells a lot about a person.Which personality type best describes you?


Happiness is an invaluable quality when it comes to helping others. How often do you carry an "upbeat" or happy demeanor?


There are certain things in life that everyone wants more than anything. Have you raised a successful child? Or children?


Have you ever started your own business?


Overcoming any level of adversity is a remarkable feat in itself. Would you say you've overcome adversity in your life? (i.e., a difficult problem, tremendous weight transformation, or family grudge)


If you knew it would truly help someone else's life... Would you be willing to share your advice or personal experience?


Which of the following topics would you feel most comfortable sharing about?